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Co-packing at Store Display

writer:Store Display sales team 2019-05-30 18:16:06

Our company's brief & information:

Store Display(HK) Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of point of purchase corrugated displays,We mainly specialize in cardboard pop display,paper display,floor display,sidekicks,Standees,trays and pop displays for a wide range of industrial needs.

Co-packing at  Store Display

Product's purpose:promotion christmas gifts

Product's advantage:It can be show many products and it have 4 sides can show the products.Also,Each box can be rotation ,Most inportant is suitable packaging pre-pack 1pc/ctn with products,So customers  only need to remove the carton then can sales products.

Co-packing at  Store Display

Co-packing at  Store Display

More specifications of this product 

Material: B flute + 350g CCNB

Display size: customized accordingt to the products 

Print: Offset print 1C 

Surface treatment: glossing lamination

Packaging: pre-pack 1pc/ctn with products

Co-packing at  Store Display

Co-packing at  Store Display

Co-packing at  Store Display

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