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SD 2019 Midyear Working Conference

writer:SD 2019-07-10 15:28:40

Midyear working conference of store display was held in Shenzhen on 8 July 2019. Purposes of this conference were to summarize the work during the past six month and map out the plan for the focused work in the rest. Around 20 people including general manager,vice-general manger and function department heads attended.

At the conference, around that the responsibilities of the department and the work targets determined at the beginning of the year, the various department leaders made review for progress and major problem of work during the past 6 month, analysed the reason why partial work remained unfinished in depth and planned for the balance month. All attendees joined the disccussion and offered good suggestions to other departments.

General manager Chen Mao made an important speech after all department leaders reported, he fully affirmed the job perfomance of the various department during the past 6 month and put forward some problems and the insufficiency in work. He requested all departments to perform their duties conscientiously and make prompt adjustments for their working thinking based on the problem. Besides,Mr Chen made some suggestions separately for existing problems of the various department.

Mr Chen emphasized specially the transformation and escalation of SD in the end: transformation from survival to development, transformation from manufacturing to operational services, transformation from family culture to parner culture.

Midyear working conference for up to twelve hours was successfully over by this time.

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