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The 13th Anniversary Celebration of Store Display (SZ) Ltd Came to A Successful Conclusion

writer:SD 2019-07-04 15:42:58

Time flies like an arrow, thirteen years, a brief span. Store display (SZ) ltd ( hereinafter reffered to as SD) ushered its 13th anniversary birthday. The 13th anniversary celebration of SD held in Guangming high-tech innovation center on 30 June 2019, the theme for the celebration was “ After 13 Years of Ups and Downs, Regroup Our Team and Start Again ”.


This celebration specially invited the famous management consulting firm(TOPLEAD) to do cooperate culture training and outreach activity for the staff. Training course name was“ The Six Ways of Improving Team Performance”, which main content were everyone should be clear about their work goals, support their leader,understand the importance of rules and share responsibility together for achieving self-transcendence and complementary advantages.


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The celebration was divided into three parts. The first part was training of TOPLEAD, there are team game“TongXin Rod”, “Number Off by Team”and “On The Frontline”,which investigated teammate cooperation ability, responsibility and courage.

Training Teacher Speech

All Staffs Attended The Speech

TongXin Rod”Game

“Number Off by Team” Game

“On The Frontline”Game

Awarding for Game Champion

During the break, the atmoshpere was very lively as some staffs improvised dancing and singing.




The second part was the exchange of blue ribbon. The department managers gave blue ribbon that symbolized trust, approval and applause to each member of the team, and hugged them. Also, team members put on their department leaders blue ribbon, for thanks to their help at work. This small blue ribbon connected every employees  heart, everyone hand in hand, heart to heart, creating a future together with SD.


Exchanging Blue Ribbon

The last part was the speech by our chairman Mr. Chen. In his speech, he expressed his thanks to our great times, his family, partners and clients. A foothold now, Mr.Chen put forward SDs situation that thransformation survival to development, from manufacturing to operational services and from “family” culture to “partner” culture. Looking to the future, he sincerely hoped to create a more brilliant business platform with the partners with same goal, intelletual consenses and like minded.


Mr.Chen Speech

During the dinner party, everyone drunk wine together in the laughter. The anniversary celebration came to a succussful conclusion with the blessings.

SD has been 15 years, which would like to thank all friends and collegues for their support and help by this anniversary celebration. Although the celebration was over, SDs business partners will not stop feet, the future will continue to work hard, hack our way through difficults and create new brilliant!


Dinner Party