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SD Group 2019 Spring Canton Fair News Express

writer:SD 2019-06-05 10:44:54

It has rumor that the Canton fair in spring 2019 will be affected by trade war, both exhibitors and buyers will decline compared with the previous period. Store Display international colleagues have done enough to prepare for the new market situation.


On April 23, the exhibition of gifts and products officially opened, the scene was crowded as ever. We have showed various products, including traditional cardboard display, comprehensive display and smart display, our booth is a sea of people, become the focus of the vast number of buyers gathered attention.


Store Display has many years of research and development investment and industry precipitation, launched in the exhibition standardized display props design, intelligent multimedia display system, human-computer interaction display system, CMS and data collection cloud platform has won the favor of many brands, channels customers.  Even some customers require the on-site order samples. Look how busy our colleagues are.


Store Display has accumulated a solid foundation, the scientific application of technology to enable, deep cultivation of scene marketing, constantly launch new products leading the market. We will always keep the enterprise mission and vision of perceiving a good life, experiencing unique selling points, leading scene innovation, and helping the brand influence. We have been working hard!